Half a cow or a ‘sharing dinner’?

No matter that we are mostly here to talk about socal traffic, we can send as much traffic as  we like to a web page or fan page but if the offer itself is not good then it is pretty pointless and results will be poor.

I love a good eye catching offer or one that just catches the imagination, and one I saw today certainly was.

It’s for a new restaurant here in London but instead of the usual “Free dinner for two” or “free bottle of wine per two diners” it is offering the following :

“Win Half a Cow”

Immediately I am drawn to the concept. How does that work? what’s half a cow? etc

Actually on closer inspection it is a sharing dinner for up to 18 people, but to me it will always be a a feast with half a cow.

So what’s your business’ “half a cow”? What great memorable offer or concept can you plant in your prospect’s minds?

I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Gary V On The Future of Social Media Marketing

Gary V On The Future of Social Media Marketing

A great interview between Marie Forleo and Gary Vaynerchuk – generally believed to be the world’s leading expert in social media. Gary is a talented entrepreneur and video blogger, best-selling author and recognized the importance of e-commerce in 1997 when he launched wine library.com.

He helped grow his family business significantly from three million three million to 60 million by 2005 and in the spring of 2009 Gary and his spring of 2009 Gary and his spring of 2009 Gary and his brother AJ launched vaynermedia.

So sit back and find out what a man with millions of social media followers can teach you about social media marketing and traffic generation.

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7 Marketing Trends to Help You DOMINATE Social Media in 2017

7 Marketing Trends to Help You DOMINATE Social Media in 2017

Today we’re going to see seven strategies to help you dominate social media in 2017. This guy was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of their Top 40 social marketing talents. And so he shared his thoughts and then decided to share with the rest of the world too.

So here you have his seven ways. As a starter, Number one is that small business will eat brands. And that’s because big brands might look fantastic but they miss the authenticity, and they miss the storytelling, and they miss the heart – and that’s where you can capitalize.



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How One Man Built a $ Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Agency While Raising 8 Kids

How One Man Built a $ Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Agency While Raising 8 Kids

This is a great interview with Joe Soto who built a million-dollar-plus business with little or no experience in social media marketing.

This is especially cool as he started from very little knowledge and with very little money, and so many people in a similar situation wonder what to do to get started in business.

They often know they want to be entrepreneurs but they don’t have a lot of cash and Joe didn’t have much cash to start either, so this is an intersting behind the scenes look at his business evolution.

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How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch

How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch

Today we are talking about how to build a social media audience from zero. Scratch, nothing, nadda.

So you’ve moved into a brand-new industry and you’re trying to build a social presence. Stage 1 is you need to define your ideal customer and work backwards from there. It literally can be down to “it’s 45 -year-olds, female, cat lovers, living in the city of Los Angeles”. Then, where does that demographic hang out? Are they on Instagram? Are they on Facebook? Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat? And then you can start to build out your strategy from there.

You know if you’re selling pet food you need to find people who have pets. Is there a social network that’s better for people who like cats? So after you define your strategy the next thing we want you to do is develop a messaging strategy for all the platforms that you’re going to be on.

If you’re going to be on Facebook you have to figure out how you’re going to actually target that demographic on Facebook. Same goes for Twitter or Pinterest or whatever platform you choose to use. They’re all a little bit different, but one thing that’s true across the board is that video and imagery work quite well on all of them.  But there are specific platforms that do a bit better with different kinds of strategies. Yeah, if you’re selling  jewelery, photos on Pinterest are going to be perfectfor you to show your work off.

Video anywhere is where we’re trending right now in 2017 and is continuing into 2018. You won’t lose if you can shoot video, you can shoot it on your phone, it doesn’t matter. Video and photos, material that you construct yourself. Basically anything that’s personalized. As soon as you get into the stock photos or automating stuff that’s when things fall apart. Pick the right channel, and then after that, the next move is becoming an influencer within your field. There are a lot of different ways that you can do that to become authoritative within the market that you choose.

One great route to do it is to identify other influencers and build relationships with them on those platforms. If you can get these people sharing your material, that’s going to tell their audience that you’re an important person within the field, it’s a great route to get people following you. As someone comes in through the door.

Becoming authoritative on whatever website you choose is crucial. It should be behind everything you do. And one of the great things about most industries is that it’s easy to get ahold of these influencers. Even if you’re in a small niche let’s say, these influencers can be people who have 3, 4, 5000 Facebook devotees, or Twitter followers.

And plenty of the time it’s just writing an email saying something like ‘ I adore what you’re doing ‘, citing something that they’ve done in the past, so a little homework is needed, and reply,’ Could you take a look at my stuff and give me feedback’?

Most people are pretty nice and will help you out. I think that is probably the turning point. Once you figure out how to use the platforms and define your target, then that’s where I would put a lot of my endeavour – building personal relationships with people who can bring you to the next level and help bring your business and brand to that next level.

It’s a lot of hard work, but the good news is there are shortcuts with tech and systems. We’re going to mention some tools you can employ. If you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube you can go to cavesocial.com/ evidence, and we’ll have all the tools in the evidence mentions on the page. Three tools in particular that we adore:

  1. Buffer. It’s a social media scheduler that shapes your life a lot easier, so go ahead and use that to make sure all of your posts are coming out.
  2. We also adore CrowdFire, which is an app you can use to target people to follow on Instagram and Twitter. That’s a great way to build your following on those platforms.
  3. A newer one we’re actually discovering to be quite useful is Social Quant. It’s $50 but you do get a free 14 period trial with them to see if it works for you. Basically what it does is it helps identify people within your industry on Twitter, and then it goes and follows those people and unfollows them if they don’t follow you back.

It’s a great way to get your first 1,000 followers. And this will get you the base you need. We run into so many people that are running the marketing for a small business, but we look at their profiles and they have 17 people following them and they’ve been tweeting for three months.

Getting followers is important, and expanding that base audience for you to promote your message to, especially people within your industry. We like Social Quant as it stands, and all of those tools, so we highly recommend them.

And the last vital element is to commit and be consistent.

In social media this means being social. I’ve said it a million times I’ll say it thousands and thousands of more. You have to commit to this thing and devote time over the long term. Anyone who thinks they can go on Facebook and write posts for three weeks, and construct a million dollars has lost their mind.

It takes serious day, serious effort, but the beautiful thing is anybody can do it.

Go watch the video for more tips.

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The 10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing

We love a good list here at Social Traffic HQ but do you agree with these 10 rules?

I must say they are a refereshing change as they are based around common sense business concepts as applied to social media rather than just fly-by-night platform specific pure social media tactics that are a fad for a few months before disappearing.


Getting Started With Pinterest Ads

Getting Started With Pinterest Ads

Did you  know that Pinterest is full of people who love buying good products? So why not advertise to them?!?

In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Promoted Pins for Intent (cost-per-engagement) and Action (cost-per-click), from setting up your account to choosing keywords and setting a budget.

You will get a great overview on how to get started with Pinterest ads and so, by the end of this video, you should feel confident in your ability to run either CPC or cpe promoted pins on pinterest as well as navigating their ads dashboard.

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights for Ad Targeting

The Audience Insights tool from Facebook may be the most powerful marketing tool available to paid traffic marketers and Facebook advertisers.

It can uncover an amazing amount of data to help you plan your marketing not just on Facebook but on any media as it helps you understand who your audence really are and, crucially, what they do.

It doesn’t matter if you are researching for insights about your facebook custom audiences or if you are searching for those insights that will dial your facebook marketing efforts in to the perfect target market, the FB audience insights tool is the go-to tool for the job!

You are able to research your biggest competitors and target their audiences directly through Facebook PPC ads. Facebook audience targeting is really what sets Facebook ads apart from every other marketing platform available, today.

You can also gain powerful insights about your audience that can help you understand more about the age, gender, location and psychographic data about your best customers.

Once you learn how to use the Facebook audience insights tool you are able to do more efficient market research, audience research, niche research and dig deep into your lists of customers and prospects to understand the insights about their demographics and psychographics.

This kind of insight about your audience allows you to more clearly identify who your best customers are and then craft specific and targeted marketing funnels and facebook ads that will help you increase conversions with your marketing efforts.